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How does one achieve top “push-pin” or balloon in Google Maps?

Google Maps ranks pushpins based on your business  actual physical location in your google listing. What they do is take what they consider to be the center of whatever your town or city is   what Google considers the true center   that may be downtown, or it may be the exact center, etc. The[more]

Video: 3 Things Search Engines Want from Your Web Site

In this video, Daniel DiGriz discusses the three primary things that search engines, like Google, want from your web site. These are also the things that make it most effective for internet marketing with site visitors. Hi. I’m Daniel DiGriz, president of Market Moose. I’d like to talk with you about the three things that[more]

Are some domain names more effective?

Are some domain names more effective?

Certainly. A lot of people use vanity domains – something left over from the tradition of “making a name for oneself” or “putting one’s name on one’s work”, both admirable qualities. But this is an age of search engines, of Google, and what matters is search terms. Sure, you might be found under your company[more]

Getting hits from your images

Normally, search engines skip over images, for purposes of ordinary search results. Sure, they index them as pictures, but that doesn’t necessarily send interested, targeted visitors to your site. Have you made your photos search engine friendly, so they do just that? Every photo is an opportunity. Marketing on your site is about no wasted[more]

Is your site updated?

When is the last time you updated your web site? If it’s been a while, that may be affecting it’s search engine value. Do you know what kind of updates tend to help your site? Do you know what actually hurts your site? Search engines work off of relevance, but there’s more than one aspect[more]

SEO is Serious Business

A lot of effort is spent advising you to use key words, to have great page titles, and to use internal links, etc. These are great techniques, used properly. Tons of bad internal links can substitute SEO for effective marketing. Don’t make that trade. Think before you link. Page titles should be bookmarkable, not just[more]

SEO Myths and Realities

Three basic things can help Joe the Plumber with search engine optimization: consult an expert, give internet users and search engines what they want, and perhaps invest in premium placement. A specialist with direct access to the back end of your site can make improvements aimed at increasing your searches and search engine placement. Both[more]

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