Secret of a Good FAQ – Engaging Visitors with Authenticity

Today’s topic is what makes a good FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page on your web site? The simple answer is a good FAQ includes questions people are actually asking frequently (not the questions we wish they’d ask), and it puts them in the words they actually use (not the ones we polish up and use for them). The same goes for the answers to the questions. Effective ones are the exact words you use on the phone or in person, not some kind of special sales lingo you’re using especially because it’s a web site. You create a Frequent Questions page for your site, but does it really sound like your prospects or customers, and do the answers actually sound like you? If not, why not? Is your FAQ really adding value to web site visitors, or is it just another sales sheet that no one reads or finds very useful? People don’t respond anymore to artificial talk or getting sold to. Authenticity is the new marketing currency. The good news is that most of your competitors are putting out canned answers to questions they made up, that aren’t the ones web site visitors are actually asking when they call or e-mail. A Frequent Questions page is supposed to be actually “frequented” by visitors, with questions to ask, and so it should grow over time, and not be filled out all at once. It should prompt them to ask the missing questions that they have on their minds and, if those questions are frequent, you should get those words down on the page too. Key advice for today. Overhaul the FAQ page on your web site, making the questions sound like your clients & prospects, the answers sound like what you tell them in response. If you can’t quote your own FAQ when answering questions, it’s probably not an authentic FAQ.

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