Get Wider Distribution for Blog Posts By Connecting Social Media Accounts

Today’s topic is why you should set up your social media accounts to distribute your business blog posts. The simple answer is distribution – and it affects both people and search engines, for a double whammy of marketing potential. You spend time and effort to post to your blog, so why wouldn’t you make each post count even more? Why wait passively for people to find your blog and connect with your business, when you can actually go where people already are? Connecting your blog to your social media accounts, so your posts are actually distributed automatically across Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, means greater distribution of your content, plus links back to your blog that are picked up by search engines, and often used to give authority to your web site and to you as a professional. Keep in mind, another name for posting to social media sites is “microblogging.” Distributing your longer blog content on these microblogging or social media sties can increase interest and readership.Key advice for today. Connect your blog to your social media accounts to gain wider distribution.

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