Get More Leads on Your Web Site with Lead Capture Forms

Today’s topic is why you should include lead capture forms on your web pages. The simple answer is to convert more web site visitors into actual leads that you know about in the first place, with actual contact information, so you can can reach out to them instead of lose them back to the open internet. You put a lot of work into provocative marketing material, optimizing your site for search engines, and contributing high value content on an ongoing basis, all to draw traffic to your web site – so why would you let visitors get away without at least inviting them to ask questions or contact you for more information? Why rely on just a contact button, or the likelihood that they’ll call after hours or go to the trouble of sending an e-mail, when you can make it as easy as entering two pieces of info and asking a question, without ever leaving the page? The average person looking for professional services visits several web sites before they make a choice of who to contact. They’re stealth visitors you might never even know about. Making contact easier and more inviting removes barriers to connecting you with your own visitors, and reduces the chances they’ll keep on looking around the web. Keep in mind, a lead capture form is called “lead capture” because it can capture the lead’s name and e-mail address into your contact database, where you can actually use it to keep them in the loop with things like e-mail drip campaigns, which can increase the likelihood that they do business with you and provide ongoing referrals. Key advice for today. Put lead capture forms on your web pages to convert more visitors into actual leads.

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