Better to be Right or Effective

A common question that comes up is should I always show the letters LLC after my company name? In fact, a lot of LLC members are under the impression that they have to. Not so in any state I’m aware of. All states I’ve seen allow you to use your company name with or without the LLC except on some forms involving that state. So which is better? What’s better is what sounds better and looks better. Don’t favor giving all the information where some of it is catchier or looks better on the page.

Same with details about what you do. Marketing is about getting clients – it’s more important to be effective than precise or comprehensive. The fact that you have 20 qualifications doesn’t mean everyone needs to know about them. The fact that there’s a precise set of things you do, doesn’t mean people are interested. Give them what they need to make a buying decision.

Lastly, don’t assume everyone is like you. This is one of the failings of some of us that are more precise, comprehensive types who like to tell it all. Most of the world isn’t like you. Personality typing shows that at least 75% of the populace responds to different motivators than you do. You’re not normal, no matter who you are. You’re not representative. So just because you need certain information to make a decision, doesn’t mean that most people do – it’s more likely they don’t. Cater to all personality types, and you won’t chase away 75% of site visitors.

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